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Knight of the Cheval Mirror

Poster: Nik
Image: Knight of the Cheval Mirror
Image Details: ID: 8577 - Image Type: JPG - Size: 490 x 572 (25KB)
Posted: 18 Mar 2023 22:20
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Pic Description: This is from the XPS Mirror knight pack by Tokami-Fuko

Kindly, comes as three file formats, XPS, .Mesh and .Mesh.ASCII, along with a nice, well-named set of textures.

Happens free Noesis will directly convert .Mesh.ASCII to rigged FBX in a format that Poser usually accepts. Here, I found the FBX needed an import scale of ~6500 (~65 x 100% default). Arrived as 14 sub-rigs which auto-loaded the sub-set of texture types that Poser recognises by default. The figure may be placed, posed using the *first* sub-rig, here 40_part1-01-Default_1_0_0. I parented the other sub-rigs to this, which usually improves stability as Poser does *not* like a congested Hierarchy ''base''...

By default, the mirror-face of shield didn''t reflect. I needed to invoke ''Cycles''. As I cannot remember such, I went back to my ''Ooh, Shiny'' tutorial.

So, in mirror''s ''Advanced Materials'', right-click anywhere in tessellated grey area beside ''Poser Surface'' and ''Color_Texture'' boxes, select ''New Node'', ''Root'', ''Physical Surface'' and another box appears. Part-way down, there''s a ''Metallic'' field. IIRC, ''1'' is pure mirror, ''0.5'' is working ''Stainless Steel''.

Also, as entire surface of shield is *not* mirrored, it needed a map. P_11 can be unpredictable with Alpha-channels, so I used free Irfan View''s image tools to flood-fill the pale grey ''mirror'' area of the shield''s sh_m texture with white, re-save as ..._mask.JPG. Drag this file into the open tessellated area, connect it to the ''physical surface'' colour. Set PS'' ''metallic'' to 1, tick the ''superfly root'' box.

Yes, the shield now goes black in preview, but renders okay. After a few quick test runs, adjusting angle and *significantly* increasing lighting, I ran a ''quality'' render with Superfly, 64 pixel-samples, progressive, 1024 vols+buckets and both my twin GPU cards. If scene was more complex, I''d have switched to ''CPU-only'' with but 64 ''vols+buckets'', either locally or queued to my remote-render ''Box''.

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