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Deep Forest...

Poster: Nik
Image: Deep Forest...
Image Details: ID: 8579 - Image Type: JPG - Size: 1520 x 571 (151KB)
Posted: 28 Mar 2023 23:57
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Pic Description: This is a riverbank scene in ''Deer Hunter Classic - Deep Forest'' ported to ~ 5MB OBJ+MTL by Quake332

Came with a nice set of PNG textures. Only one, NDF01_Water01, had an Alpha channel, needed for eg foliage transparency. As Poser_11 cannot auto-apply the ''alpha'' per eg MMD''s PMX models, I extracted with free Irfan View, ready to hand-apply.

Sometimes, Poser just cannot display an OBJ. Imports okay, textures okay, no mesh appears. Took a while before I convinced myself using wire-frame mode that this OBJ was neither too big nor too small, and not simply off-screen some-where..

Happens I knew a fix: load into another program, re-save. I used 3DOC ($$), and result was okay.

Scaling was still tricky, but I adjusted the scale ( Also yTran + zTran ) until standing trees were thick enough, and ''old growth'' fallen logs looked okay.

Note that eg the heavy foliage made ~26 calls to that PNG with the Alpha channel, so had ~26 transparency textures to hand-load and set...

Lighting was unusually difficult, as scene kept test-rendering much dimmer than preview. Eventually, I queued job to my network-render ''Box'' as Superfly, 96 pixel samples, progressive, 64 vols + buckets, CPU-only, where it ran in ~2½ hours.
And emerged dim...

I very rarely post-work, but I let Irfan View auto-adjust the colours to this, which resembles the scene in preview...

IMHO, if you can handle these import, scaling, Alpha channel and lighting issues, this model provides a very nice ''Wild Wood'' setting.

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Deep Forest...
But I only checked TWO !!

Poster Message
 31 Mar 2023 21:25
Lots of space to play there. I like how the waterfall looks in the light

 01 Apr 2023 00:24
Thank you.

I was so exasperated by salvaging the 'invisible' OBJ and lighting the set, I did not notice the water feature also had an alpha-channel to apply...

Rendo's HBORRE kindly mentioned there's a Cycles facility for pulling Alpha channels out of RGB+Alpha textures, eg PNG

Some hapless hunting later, I've found it deep, deeep in my P_11.3...
I'd simply missed it...


For the benefit of any-one else who's got lost thus in Cycles' maze of twisty little passages too-much alike:

In Material room (Advanced), right-click into open area to right of PoserSurface. Follow New Node, Cycles, Texture, left-click ImageTexture
Change Projection from Box to Flat. Click on Image field to browse to relevant RGB+Alpha Texture. Connect Color to Diffuse Color. Also, optionally, to Translucence_Color. Connect Alpha to Transparency. Also, optionally, to Bump. Dial to taste, render...
Take migraine meds...


Yes, a 'Gelatinous Blob', using an outer box with 'RachealMarie_in-the-flesh-seamless-tiles_74649' set's 'Flesh1 semi-transparent', which has an Alpha channel...

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