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Yoruichi Shihoin

Poster: Nik
Image: Yoruichi Shihoin
Image Details: ID: 8614 - Image Type: JPG - Size: 765 x 641 (65KB)
Posted: 04 Nov 2023 23:10
Views: 52
Pic Description: This character is Yoruichi Shihoin, as ported from ''Jump Force'' by LorisC93

The download included both XPS and FBX formats plus an extensive texture set for the many clothing options. The FBX imported to Poser_11.3 at default 100% scale, but did not auto-load textures. As the XPS auto-loaded them correctly to XNA/Lara, I did not attempt to hand-load them in Poser, but exported the XPS figure as rigged .MESH.ASCII, then used free Noesis to export this to rigged FBX. I''m unsure where/why, but this route changed the scaling. After several iterations, this FBX loaded to Poser at 10000% (100 x 100% default) as ''many'' sub-rigs.

Took me a while, hiding and revealing these via Hierarchy menu, to reach the set shown here. I deleted those ''hid'', parented all subsequent sub-rigs to the first, as Poser does not like a crowd in hierarchy root. Seems I''d accidentally deleted the eyes, which should have appeared ''feline''. I shrugged, used the face AO supplied and free Irfan View to make an emission map, light the eyes. The first sub-rig in list should be used for posing.

As usual, scene needed lots of light, here two carefully angled spot-lights with appropriate cone-angles...

After several trial renders to get pose and lights ''good enough'', I set Superfly, progressive, 64 pixel-samples, 1024 vols+buckets, both my twin GPU cards. Job ran surprisingly fast.

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