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X-Mas Gift 2005
Description: Hi friends!
Here´s My X-mas present for Posetteforever.
It´s a natural body morph set for Posette
For applying to your fav Posette´s body use Mr.X´s free Morph Manager, avaiable at several Poser sites (, ....)
Yamato´s JP-converter (modified joints) highly recommended.-->

She´s free and likes to stay so ;)

Have fun!

Submitted by: ahjah
Author: ahjah
Version: 3.0
Date: 24 Dec 2005 16:35
Last Updated: None
Last Download: 20 Mar 2020 02:58
File Size: 140.62 KB
Downloaded: 680

Author Comments
She looks terrific but I don't know how to clothe her once she's morphed. The clothes don't fit properly over a morphed body.

Thanks for the comment

I´m not a clothing pro. I use to paint the clothes to the body and tweak it with some props

I´ve heared of a tool called Clother by codetwister, to solve this kind of problems.

Unfortunally, it´s not free and I never used it.

I remember Tormentor talking about this prog. Maybe contact him....

(Just nosing around the web, looking for free characters and clothes. Thought I'd comment on this topic)

Currently, there are 3 tools that help with converting clothes to fit new body shapes:

Wardrobe Wizard

Clothes Converter

The Tailor

Of these, I recommend Wardrobe Wizard by PhilC - though it costs $60.

(And I should know because I researched them all thoroughly, as I've been creating a competing product, Wardrobe Valet, off and on over several years. Finally going to finish it in the next two months. Honest.)

I just remembered: here you are just fitting Posette clothes to a morphed Posette; that is a [relatively] easy case:

I think I know about some free way to do that.

Too tired to think straight right now. I'll think this through again in the morning.

it was "Tailor" and not "Clother", I was thinking about...

Thanks for the additional information

Thank You! 
Thank You very much!

In your experience, which is the best utility for converting clothes to fit Posette?

She looks fantastic ahjah, I think magnets in Poser and D-form in Daz Studio (this last much more easy to use) could do a good work) then you can save them as props to your runtime and use them on every clothe you put on your morphed Posette.

Neat morph! Here's your morphed character wearing some traditional Posette clothing:


I converted Nerd's chainmail bikini from Posette to a morphed Posette, using Wardrobe Wizard. There's a demo version of it available at [No links please], but the demo won't convert to morphed figures, only the full version will. But you can convert to/from Posette, Judy, Don, and Dork, and give the rest of the features a whirl!

Dynamic clothing can be of great help in these situations too.


Morphs plus clothes converter. 
Been wondering about this facility for months. Thanks to all for the opinions and information. Now all I have to do is get around to useing it.

Thanks again. Billandhiscat.

Nice morph set, Many Thanks


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