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PiChi 1.5.1
Description: From the ReadMe:

PiChi is a figure based on P4 girl

(*) PiChiís features:

-Smoother look (that ugly brow is gone forever!)
-Posette textures except the Lashes that take a new designed separate map
-New realistic eyes
-Many original head & body morphs and a specialy designed Anime head morph!
-Since there aren't any clothes for the poor child I set 3 material zones:
Long shirt

(*) PiChi installation

Decode the .rte file and using the NudeGirl.obj on your Runtime\\Geometries\\Poser4Figures

And put the new obj on your Runtime\\Geometries\\NEA\\PiChi

There are some Character Poses in your libraries\\Pose\\PiChi_Characters

This pack also contains 4 SkinTextures& 3 trans maps
Also in your Runtime\\libraries\\camera\\MAT PiChi you will find the Mat Poses

(*) Notes

Use Poser5-6-7 Smooth render option for better results since PiChi is a LowRes figure

(*) Copyright

The .obj file since it is based on P4girl geometry file is Copyrighted material by Curious Labs and you should not distribute it all or in part!

Pichi.cr2 file and the textures are original work by pitklad (aka narcissus )
You can freely distribute the .cr2 files but must ask for permission if you want to modify and distribute the textures.

You may use the content of this package for personal or commercial renderings.

You may distribute file as it is if for any reason someone can't reach the file on the future

I hope that you will find this figure usefull!

If you think you can improve this project you can be the creator of the next PiChi version!

For any question/suggestion about Nea just send me a private msg at renderosity

Also I would be very glad to see artwork made with PiChi

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> PitKlad >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Submitted by: ahjah
Author: PitKlad
Version: 1.5.1
Date: 01 Sep 2018 02:38
Last Updated: None
Last Download: 17 Oct 2020 08:21
File Size: 3.16 MB
Downloaded: 33

Author Comments
Thank you so much

Thank you very much!

I wasn\'t in the online 3D arena for many years & missed out on much of DAZ3D\'s Millennium figures . In general, there seems to be a shortage of child figures & characters in an age range of about, say, 8-17 years.

Most figures are adult, & the child figures & characters appear to resemble ones under 8 years of age, so if you want to make a family in 3D then there seems to be a bit of a missing gap between them & the adult figures/characters .

There\'s also a shortage of clothing items for child figures... e.g. \'space outfits\' are basically only for adult figures. Are we saying that in the future in space there are no children? Will all human beings in the future come off the clone production line as already adult? Is this why we don\'t see child figures & characters feature in Poser & DAZ Studio sci-fi scenes ?


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