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Mr. X\'s Morphmanager
Description: From the Help file

Morph Manager Explained

This program works with Poser 3.0 and Poser 4.0 character files (cr2,hd2,fc2,pz2,pz3) files. One of the problems with Poser is its inability to manage morph targets. You can add them but, you cannot delete them nor can you easily transfer them to another figure if you don't have the original morph obj file. Morph-Manager allows you to delete and transfer morph targets directly from one CR2 file to another. It will allow you to rename morph targets, combine several targets into a new target and export targets to wavefront obj format. It also will let you manage your props, copying them to another figure, combine morph targets on props and delete and rename props.

What's new in 4.0

Now more robust. Handles a lot more odd cr2 files.
Support for other file types like pose files, hand files, face files and pz3 files.
Bug fixed where two cr2s with a different number of body parts wouldn't transfer morph targets incorrectly.
Prop support now in. You can copy props, delete them, rename them and edit their morph targets and also combine morph targets on props.
Much more robust properties dialog that allows editing of all values.
Fixed bug where some MAC obj file versions would not load.
Now allows separate obj files loaded for each cr2 file. They don't have to match.
Drag and drop now works with obj files as well.
Help preferences for fixing the storageOffset bug, removing unused materials and adding unreferenced materials into the cr2.
Help button now attempts to run your default browser to view the help.html file.
Submitted by: ahjah
Author: Mr. X
Version: 4.0
Date: 03 Mar 2021 20:25
Last Updated: None
Last Download: 20 May 2024 08:05
File Size: 326.02 KB
Downloaded: 233

Author Comments
It\'s not limited to Poser3/4

I\'m using it up to P7+. Only thing is, compressed files (.crz etc.) have to be decompressed before editing, and external binary morph files (.pmd) don\'t work, either


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