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Joint Parameter converter
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"Joint Parameter converter

I love Poser characters but don't like their broken elbows and hip when I bend them.
So when I made my characters (NeneLite, Linlin, Ranran, Miyou and Cancan), I adopted the improved joint parameter system that was based on Frederic's excellent work.
This JP can make elbows and hips less breakage than P4 default (even than Vicky, I think).
But I have been worried that my characters can not wear any P4 clothes neatly because of this JP!
I decided to solve this problem by pz2.

The 4 pz2 can convert Yamato Model's Jp to P4 default, and convert P4 JP to Yamato Model's.

(1)put all into Poser4/runtime/Libraries/pose/any folder
(2)open cr2 or pz3. Select the target figure.
(3)select pz2 and click

caution ! After open cr2 or pz3, Select character first !

JP converter pz2s are effective for Nene Lite, Linlin431,Ranran441,Cancan442,Miyou442.

P4JP.pz2 convert Yamato model's full body joint parameters to P4 default.
TopP4JP.pz2 convert upper parts to P4 default. Hip remains as Yamato's.
BottomJP.pz2 convert Hip and lower parts to P4 default. Elbows remain as Yamato's.

LinlinJP.pz2 re-convert P4's full body JP to Yamato's JP.

ECM channels (Bendhip, Mod Head, Superheroine and others) will be protected from pz2s.


9th June 2002"

P.S. You can also use it directly on default Posette to make her bend much better (ahjah)
Submitted by: ahjah
Author: Yamato
Date: 03 Mar 2021 20:37
Last Updated: None
Last Download: 21 Jun 2024 12:58
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