Subject: Poser 5 :)
How To I get Poser 5 :)

I want Poser 5

please post it/send me a PM please :pray:

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Subject: Re: Poser 5 :)
Poser 5 is a pretty old piece of software.
You can try a search at the usual places like Epay, goggle or amazin.
We are no official Poser support forum, just a fan page.
And we don't trade any software here.

Subject: Re: Poser 5 :)
Hi !
Be warned that P#5 is too old to register for a discounted upgrade.

Also, I cannot remember when on-line activation began. Certainly, P#7 was too old to activate or upgrade when I returned to Poser after a decade out...

You may do better getting a budget P#10 which qualifies on both counts, and allows access to 'legacy' downloads.

There's another 'gotcha': IIRC, only 'Pro' versions are 64 bit, with access to enough RAM to easily edit HiRes figures and complex scenes such as photo-real Daz offerings...

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Subject: Re: Poser 5 :)
i don't have any money yet :crying: , That amazon's Curious Labs Poser 5 Price is $68.19 :mmmh: , I want download version :pray: :notworthy:

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Subject: Re: Poser 5 :)
Well, that's the way it is.
If you want it, you'll have to pay it. Anything else would be illegal, and and for this you'd be in the wrong place...

Subject: Re: Poser 5 :)

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