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#1  ahjah 07 Jun 2022 10:23

Hello everybody
Just uploaded AJ_ThinHair, free morphing hair prop
From the readme:
"Hi friends!
Sometimes you just need a simple casual haicut that don't steal the show. Most of the free wigs around are much too fancy for this task, not talking about payware.
So I took a spherical mapped ball and cut some facets off, added some morphs for styling and movement, made a transmap, and here it is... "ThinHair".
It takes any straight hair tile as texture. If you need more volume just load two of them scaled slightly different with different transmaps (four included), still easy on resources.
This is not made for any special figure and saved as pp2.
Should work in Poser 4+.
Do anything you want with it, but keep it free.
Happy experimenting."

Have fun with it


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