Beating A Model Into Submission...

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#1  Nik 31 Oct 2022 20:44

I got several budget ($) weapon model sets in DS sale, 'heroic' spears, swords, maces and pokey-choppy pole-arms. Most were 'classic' RDNA props, had tidy PP2 and OBJ files with nice mapped textures to apply. As bought, not linked...

But, bundled in 'Armoury Vol_1', were two rocky stands in OBJ format. Or 'last-stands' depending on scale and blood-spatter. Two nicely stratified rock piles, with nice mapped textures to apply.

First Catch was the supplied OBJ, with the combined objects, had no complementary MTL.
Second, OBJ was not 'grouped' as two materials to take those mapped textures. It had been generated using UNREAL OBJ Exporter and wrong options were set...
Third, try as I might, I was unable to 'unwrap' the pair to match their nice, UV-mapped textures...

After an exasperating venture into TurboCAD, I resorted to 'Plan_B': The models had been re-bundled in 'bridge' formats, was this stand pair accessible from one of those ?

Sure enough, there was an FBX version.

Using Autodesk's free 'classic' FBX toolkit, I checked the combined models' internals and found they called two (2) materials. Again using the toolkit, I exported to OBJ+MTL.

Fourth catch, the file names called did not quite match the supplied mapped textures...

Previewing, one of the 'piles' had three deep 'V' notches on one side, a 'V' on other. Other 'pile' had a deep 'V' notch facing a 'U'. Beyond a mess of 'twiddly bits', inspection of the two mapped textures in free Irfan View showed which took which...


Previews generated by ($$) 3DOC, combined in free Irfan View.

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