A must have: the JPconverter

A must have: the JPconverter
Thank youAndreas ! Actually I spent some hours to fix Posy's Joint parameters of the forearms because the bad way they bended. I can't use the JPconverter with her because she's a Eve modified Posette and it's not compatible. I found a compromise solution but I want to know more about these parameters because the joints are what differs our beloved Posettes from more recent models, not else if not the Posettes are far more beautiful   .

 Tormie [ 26 Dec 2005 22:21 ]

A must have: the JPconverter
Post Is There A JP-edit Equivalent To Stalling's CR2Edit 1.51 ?? 
I'm starting to find my way around CR2Edit (1.51, as 1.52 buggy), have begun to learn where OBJ and material pointers live...

Morph Manager (either ?) may be next, as I'm trying to understand how Posette became Rei2.

Adjusting the FighterCos2 Boots for Rei2 was the first time I've really seeen the effects of Joint Parameters. The Space Warp as a 'legging' moves through the knee-joint zone is quite remarkable !! I've only used the JP tool in P4 to 'zero' figures, so must ask an almost-noob question-- Is there a JP equivalent to CR2 Editor ??

 Nik [ 23 Jan 2008 15:37 ]
Thanks for telling me your opinion.

 Posy [ 23 Jan 2008 15:38 ]
Post Re: A must have: the JPconverter 
Well, the information of the joint parameters are in the cr2 file as far as I know, so you could edit them, I don't know if you can do it with the cr2editor, but you can do it for sure manually with a text editor, however, the easiest way (for me) is to use the joint editor window in Poser. The JP converter give a "push up" to posettes, but what I do is to move the character in the final pose and then use the joint parameters in order to try to make the pose more natural in the bending parts. Posettes have big problems in that compartment , so many that I use more than one conforming "type" of Posette, usually NeaP4 and Eve v2 or the combination that I made that is Eveena, depending on the final Pose. If I make a seated Posette I tend to use Eve or Eveena because the modified hip bends a lot better, but the clothes don't conform very well (however I tend to use dynamic dresses so it's not a big problem). NeaP4 is very useful if you want to have a very natural breast ( ) because of those Pyramid commands   .... Turning back to the topic, if you've Poser 7 there is also the Morphing tool, you can simulate the way the muscles act using this tool in the bent part of the body. The morphmanager work is to transfer morphs from a character to another one, but only and only if the parts have the same number of polygons, if they have not the same number of polygons, it copies the morph, but it won't work. Usually in all versions of Posettes the face, the hands, the feet and the forearms are all the same, as far as I know NeaP4 is fully "compatible" with original Posette, not the same with Eve or Eveena because the chest (for example) is divided differently and other part of the body are different too... There is a commercial tool called "tailor" that can recreate the morphs when the two characters don't have the same number of polygons, it is born to transfer morphs to the clothes, but I used it to transfer the morphs from a Posette version to another one

 Tormie [ 24 Jan 2008 00:12 ]
Post Re: A Must Have: The JPconverter 
Hei! I have been thinking about this and the JCM characters for Posette and Dork for soem time and wondering if a) similar JP's can be evolved / developed for Dork and also b) can they be adapted along with JCM's the the P4 boy and girl.

Before anybody asks - my boss and family (whom, the family, I love) have better things for me to do and I haven't got beyond wondering yet.

Further down the road would Teen Posette and Arduino's junior teen boy (really a young Dork) fit into a more rounded out Posette/Dork family. After all, these are well loved and useful virtual people, a bit like a Morris Minor, sturdily old-fashioned, but good!

My skills in all this are imaginary or less at the moment but ahs the idea any wind to catch under its wings?

Any comments? Or hints? Leaving the thought with you, LightWriter Looking forward to a response!

 LightWriter [ 12 Mar 2008 12:23 ]
Post Re: A must have: the JPconverter 
Hi LightWriter
This sounds like a very good idea, the other P4 people definately would need a bit of joint tweaking, too
I myself failed trying this, messing up the figures completely

 ahjah [ 12 Mar 2008 13:30 ]
Post Re: A must have: the JPconverter 
The JP converter is available still via WebArchive

 ahjah [ 29 Jul 2013 10:24 ]
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