A Vast Collection Of Free 'game' Stuff...

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#1  Nik 20 May 2023 01:31

A credit in a 'pool' scene led me to 'The Models Resource', a vast collection of free 'stuff' extracted from games. Stages, scenes, props, characters etc etc, arranged by origin / console etc.


I was a bit overwhelmed by the variety, but did trawl a set of office / computer desks in OBJ+MTL format... eg https://www.models-resource.com/pc_computer/portal2/model/39440/

Two notes:
First, remember to credit ownership etc.
Second, file types may vary from 'usual'.
You may need free utilities such as Noesis, Irfan View and Autodesk's classic FBX Toolbox to access.

For example, the scene I've just used for a fun render...
...came as DAE, a CAD-ish cousin to FBX, but a format which Poser cannot grok.

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