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Poster: Leonidas
Image: Cindyplace
Image Details: ID: 8410 - Image Type: JPG - Size: 1000 x 950 (127KB)
Posted: 07 Feb 2021 08:05
Views: 30
Pic Description:

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A motel perspective
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Poster Message
 07 Feb 2021 18:59
Oh my brother Leonidas, this is a VERY LOVELY scene! I like it very much! Well done sir

 08 Feb 2021 05:17
Its great to appreciate my efforts, dear rico 😉

This scene is impregnated with some british and french subtile humor too !
An humor like Mister Gotlieb and Monty Python have demonstrated before!

Please search the pleasure to see my references about this image

Because humor is an universal art, but complex

 08 Feb 2021 15:58
Yes indeed it is Sir!

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