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Poster: Nik
Image: Yuck...
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Posted: 04 Jul 2021 22:36
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Pic Description: This is Richard Mandel''s RE2 Source - ROOM215 - B1 Morgue, a ~1 M OBJ+MTL, free on SCG

Technically, it is a respectful fan-recreation rather than a ''rip'', with several anomalies such as tables rather than gurneys. These ''differs'' are fully described in the SCG model notes & credits.

The MTL calls ~30 textures, some plain, mostly mapped, and is correctly pathed. I checked the OBJ with free Wordpad, found it sought the MTL deep, deep in a D: drive. After taking a safety copy, I edited the original to expect MTL in same folder as OBJ and textures.

Unusually, the four ceiling luminaires'' triple-tubed light sources had their own texture. They did not share this with their fittings, so would not need masking.

OBJ imported well to Poser at ~33% of original scale, auto-loaded all textures. I set the lights'' ambiance to white, dialled them to ~400 in ''advanced properties''.

Several trial Superfly renders showed I''d still need lots of ''pixel samples'' for a fair render. I also had to adjust camera''s ''hither'' setting to hide the front wall and its double doors. Sadly, masked to transparent, the doors'' windows were too small for a good view of room.

I sent the render job to my networked ''Box'', but had several problems. Weirdly, Poser Queue twice preceded this render with another run of previous job. Cancelling left an ''orphan'' job rendering on ''Box'', no piccy at the end.

Finally, I saved scene as ~30 MB PZ3, cleared the queue, closed Poser, closed and re-booted ''Box'', tried again. This time, everything was okay and render arrived after ~90 mins...

Just a reminder: Transparency masks are Black for glass, White for opaque. Super-ambiance masks are White for lit, Black for the rest...

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ROOM219 - Cell Block Hallway
Room 115 STARS office

Poster Message
 11 Jul 2021 22:44
This girl pops up in the strangest of places.

Nice gritty textures.

I've found that to do well with any figure you really need to have a passion for that figure,

...and I hope you develop that passion for yours.
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