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ROOM10E - Tiger Hallway (TF3DM fan recon)

Poster: Nik
Image: ROOM10E - Tiger Hallway (TF3DM fan recon)
Image Details: ID: 8433 - Image Type: JPG - Size: 1805 x 571 (202KB)
Posted: 31 Jul 2021 13:13
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Pic Description: This is Richard Mandel''s SCG freebie port of RE2 Source - ROOM10E - 2F Tiger Hallway, from the fan version posted to now-defunct TF3DM website. More info on...

Couple of things: I had to scale it as ~35% rather than much-too-tall ~40% original, but the door lintels now look low. Also, there are no ''set'' lights. None. Got around that by re-purposing the ceiling''s ornamental timber beams as super-ambient lights. Had to mask the colour band just below the darker one in the middle. Got this camera angle by setting ~20 mm focal length, ''force show back-facing polygons'' and dialling ''hither'' setting until hid walls at corner. And, yes, it is a single window, 1520 x 570...

Superfly progressive render, 96 pixel samples, 64 vol-bounces, 64 buckets. Job sent to network render ''Box'', which ran in 117 mins ~ 2 hours.

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ROOM10E - Tiger Hallway (TF3DM fan recon)
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Poster Message
 31 Jul 2021 21:57
Wow, this looks awesome! Nice work indeed !

 31 Jul 2021 23:40
"The Lady or the Tiger ? Lady or Tiger ??" ( I'm sure was title of famous short story...)

Thank you, I was surprised by how well scene rendered using only the super-ambient faux-lights.

I have no idea why this uploaded first time, but PF refused to accept the other room. Tomorrow, I'll try again to post that...

Currently wrangling the dim 202/307 duo. Finally figured how to UV-map its baulky bulkhead light. And swing open its nearby door...

But BFA and Wings are both driving me to hair-tearing: Former keeps crashing mid-edit, latter seems to lack 'technical' control for eg precise Booleans. And if I take task into CAD, it breaks the texture mapping...

 01 Aug 2021 09:03
Think it's best she does not turn the corner.

I've found that to do well with any figure you really need to have a passion for that figure,

...and I hope you develop that passion for yours.
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