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Seeing the Light...

Poster: Nik
Image: Seeing the Light...
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Posted: 16 Sep 2021 12:00
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Pic Description: Sometimes, I just find the hardest way to solve a problem...

This quest began with a nice ''lantern'' freebie on DA, ripped from ''Kingdom Hearts'' by ''rotten-eyed''.

The props are supplied as XPS, binary .MESH and plain-text .MESH.ASCII formats. One or other of these three usually loads into my ($$) 3DOC, saves out as OBJ + *basic* MTL. Free Noesis will usually rip the .MESH.ASCII version to OBJ, though with no MTL.

Noesis and ($$) 3DOC will also export as eg FBX. My PoserPro 11.3 does not mind such as props, but may ''splat'' rigged objects. YMMV...

Another alternative is to run Mariokart64''s free ''XPS to PMX'' utility, found on DA, then export as OBJ + *full* MTL from free PMX Editor, also found on DA. If using latter, note that OBJ export flips L/R. For ''handed'' models, first use the PMX Editor''s ''mirror'' tool. FWIW, too many PMX freebies have texture file names in eg Japanese, need free Bandizip to un-pack without major spillage of dipthong soup...

So, I now have a nice ~350 kB OBJ and a single material set, supplied as 8 mapped 1k PNG files: ao, d, e, m, n, r, s and s2.

These do not fully map to Poser''s basic material allocation, but try: Diffuse = d, Highlight = ao, Ambient = e, Bump = r.
In ''Advanced'', set Ambient_Color to a nice dark green and ''super-dial'' Ambient_Value to 12 to prompt a nice glow...

Yay !!

Sadly, this was the *easy* way I found after spending too much of day wrangling my first route, derived from work-flow for those RE set lights.

There''s no actual flame, filament or such inside the lantern to ''super-dial'' alight. ''No Problemo'', I thought. I just added a Poser Primitive cube to scene, moved it to within lantern, ''parented'' it to lantern. Now I had something I could light. Of course, the lantern was opaque, so I adapted one of the supplied maps for ''Transparency'' to let out the glow. For which Poser''s Pose / Preview only gives a loose approximation. Many iterations of mask, glow etc parameters, many quickie test-renders followed.

FWIW, I''d recommend using a different primitive, a cylinder, sphere or capsule instead of cube...

It was during final ''good'' render, needing *many* ''pixel samples'' so sent to ''Box'', that I blinked, said, \"WTF ? I wonder if...\" and had the ''easy'' recipe running well inside minutes...

Soon as ''Box'' belatedly finished that 256 pixel-sample 2-lamp scene, I threw it my new 512 pixel-sample 3-lamp scene. Which ran ~13 hours. Down-side, l-o-n-g. Upside, it drove me away from desk to prune hedge, mow lawn, set out ''refuse'' wheelie bin and, yes, eat then sleep at ''usual'' times..

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Poster Message
 16 Sep 2021 14:06
That looks nice! Thanks for the enlightenment Nik !

 12 Oct 2021 06:40
I like the cubes.

I've found that to do well with any figure you really need to have a passion for that figure,

...and I hope you develop that passion for yours.
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