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DS Kalea_7 Rogue ported to Poser as FBX -- Yay !!

Poster: Nik
Image: DS Kalea_7 Rogue ported to Poser as FBX -- Yay !!
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Posted: 02 Mar 2023 18:01
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Pic Description: This is DS'' Kalea_7 ''Shameless Rogue'', which I got as part of a freebie ''starter'' bundle back in 2021, but did not install. (Is now $$)

Inspired by a discussion at Rendo'' on adapting DS'' new ''Type_9'' figures for Poser, I thought I''d have a try at porting a ''recent'' DS figure via FBX.

Disclaimer: I really, *really* do not like DS'' UI. Beyond exasperating ergonomics, the fonts and menu-indents are much, much too small for my ageing eyes...

Okay, first install that free Kalea_7 bundle: This took a remarkably long time, then prompted for the ''Base_7'' Genesis3_Female figure, from #7 starter pack, whose installation again took a remarkably long time.

After fumbling my way through DS'' menus to add base directories, load figure, add hair and outfit, I had mildly piratical ''Kalea Rogue'' on screen.

Now it got hard: DS offers a zoo of FBX export options. Beyond some outright disasters, one combination gave ''just the figure''. Another, ''just the outfit''...

Finally, as used here...
LHS, select: Figures, Props, Locks, Limits.
RHS, select: FBX 2012 (Binary), Embed Textures, Collect Textures to Folder, Merge Clothing with Figure Skeleton, Allow Degraded Skinning, Allow Degraded Scaling.
Below, check the Staging (assets to be exported) all show Export ''Yes''
At bottom, ''Accept''.
The export process will begin, then seem to ''hang''. Do NOT Panic. Go have a leisurely cuppa, snack or lunch. After a while, you will see a progress-bar with foot-notes. Depending on PC, DS may take about hour to generate ~90 MB FBX file. A more complex figure, outfit and/or bigger hair may push file-size through 100 MB, take even longer.

Import this FBX to Poser at default 100% scale. Textures should auto-load. Any Glow / Transparency effects may need tweaking in Material Room.

''Kalea Rogue'' came in as seven (7) ''character'' sub-rigs and a ''prop'' knife. Pose with care using *first* sub-rig, probably named ''Genesis3Female_Shape_1''.

Care: Poser does not seem to like complex FBX files and/or their texture calls, may become unstable and crash. So, be sure to save scene often....
I added ''Kalea Rogue'' to existing scene with Poser''s LaFemme in ''combats'', ''Internal Base'' by Viancys0913 from DA, and ''Turret Truck Carts'' by Cima from ''BowlRoll''.
Base and carts'' porting described here...

This reverse angle, with additional lighting, was queued to my network-render ''Box'' as Superfly, 256 pixel-samples, progressive, 64 vols+buckets, ran overnight in ~10 hours...

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DS Kalea_7 Rogue ported to Poser as FBX -- Yay !!
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