Subject: Preview Vs Render Materials...
Some props etc offer both a preview and render material.

How ??

I'll warily side-step those meshes that offer neither {Spit !!}, but how do you go about adding a render material to something that only offers a 'preview' ?? Renders okay in Firefly, but not in Superfly...


For the first time in ages, I've managed to crank my '3D Eye' into action. I'd acquired a simple FBX model of a gem on a stand on a base. It was texture mapped, but only as different areas of an un-zoned mesh.

So, I exported the FBX to OBJ/MTL, converted that to 3DS, pulled it into classic Draw3D and dissected the mesh. After several false-starts and many UNDOs, I managed to extract base, stand and gem as stand-alone 3DS files. Loaded them into Poser by turn, aligned. Tried to render. Iterative exasperation ensued...


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Subject: Re: Preview Vs Render Materials...
That's some good work.

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Subject: Re: Preview Vs Render Materials...
Down-side, I spent five (5) hours today re-booting my TurboCAD skills to, um, kindergarten level.

Upside, I belatedly realised I had to 'explode' single object to polygons, select relevant and allocate to new 'layer'. This gave them that layer's material, let me hide that layer and them while I stalked the next bunch. Exported model to OBJ/MTL, now split to sub-objects, each with an independently assignable material...

After importing to Poser, Superfly needed a dozen iterations before I was half-way happy with render.

Hey, you thought Poser reference manual's 1050 pages plus index were 'unfriendly': TC has 1540 pp, and the indexing is 'hostile'...

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Subject: Re: Preview Vs Render Materials...
FWIW, the effort left me so exhausted, 'wrung like a dish-rag', I 'slept the clock around', spent rest of today napping between snacking.

Had intended to fill sholley with groceries, but next weather-window looks like Friday...

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