Subject: Problem with the Vespa
Well, I'm having this problem form a while ago, I think it come from Poser 6 and it's puzzling me...

The Vespa has a couple of dials in the "Body" that changes the rack and the seat with a rack with a sparewheel and a second seat for a passenger. In the CR2 file using those dials the original OBJ is changed with an alternate OBJ , I checked what I'm able to check: position of files, files not corrupted etc. and all is ok, but those dials refuse to work. Yep, I reinstalled all from scratch but still not working... I partially solved the problem importing the alternate geometries as OBJs but still, I'm sorry that the beloved :heartbeat: Vespa has this problem :snooty: ... Any hints ?

Subject: Re: Problem with the Vespa
:mmmh: I don't use the vespa too often. I have it for a long time and I remember the geometrie switch didn't work in Poser3, but in Poser6 I didn't experience any problems...
We'll have to wait for the others or contact VK himself.

Subject: Re: Problem with the Vespa
:heartbeat: :heartbeat: :heartbeat:

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