Porting DS Figures To Rigged, Poser-friendly FBX

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Post Porting DS Figures To Rigged, Poser-friendly FBX

#1  Nik 02 Mar 2023 18:23

If, like me, you have an interesting collection of post-V4 DAZ figures but, now DSON is dead, no way to use them in Poser, I've a partial solution that is both free and does not require re-rigging in eg Blender.

Two 'gotchas'...

1) You must dress/morph the DAZ figure in DS then export it. But, pose in Poser.

2) FBX export ('2012' version) from DS is very, very slow. Allow half-hour for ~90 MB...

This was inspired by a discussion over at Rendo' on porting DAZ' new '#9' figures to Poser.

I've no interest in #9 stuff unless freebies, but a glance at the DAZ corner of my sprawling archive found 'Kalea-7 bundle' (including 'Shameless Rogue') which, for a while in 2021 was a freebie.

After some 'trial & error', I found a reliable work-flow to get the rigged dressed figure into Poser. Documented and displayed here...


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