So, You're Still Using Poser 4

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Post Poser 4 'out Of Memory Error'

#16  Nik 14 Aug 2009 18:00

OutofMemory Error : "therefore it is the user rather than Poser that has made an error"

Not necessarily: Too many of my 'classic' downloads from eg Render**sity refer to specific drives rather than 'runtime'.

One enthusiastic CG Mesh-builder kept most of his work-in-progress OBJs on a T: Drive, waaay down the directory tree. Sometimes, he would correct one of the two CR2 references, sometimes neither. He often stored textures 'obscurely'...

When I was enthusiastically converting classics for Posette, I learned to use CR2Edit to check and correct the links.

A superb crafter of 'period' clothes who's now left the business sometimes left links to textures in directories named for family members...

Many of her 'Read Me' files were Word Docs, which my early version could not read. Opening them with Notepad or WordPad often revealed chunks of her own documents...

Yet another reason I won't use Word...

OT: I've now installed enough RAM on this old Browser_PC to let Poser4 & XD work again. Snag is my 3D Bump is 'resting'. I still collect interesting freebies but, sadly, I'm not doing anything with them...

Um, there's a possibility that I'm due a significant refund from bank. It may pay for a new CAD-Tower, as my current #2 is now obsolete. More likely, I'll just clear the plastic...

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Post Re: So, You're Still Using Poser 4

#17  Endosphere 20 Aug 2009 04:08


That's a good clarification Nik.  I shoud have expanded my definition of 'user,' as you are right that it's often the case an original user (creator) of a prop file, rather than the end user (you or me) made an error upstream that confuses Poser.  I'm always grateful for free stuff, but it's hard to understand how some folks can be so careless when putting a download together and not include called-for textures, not give a thought to compatibility, etc.

I also dislike when people make readme files in .doc format, as I dread allowing the memory-hogging and ill-behaved MS Word program to run, although luckily I've never seen the problem you mentioned with personal stuff in a file.   I think if I opened a text file for something I downloaded and saw something like:

Thank you for downloading my prop!  I spent hundreds of hours making this conforming acne prop for Victoria, and hopefully you will enjoy it as much as I have!

To use the prop, place the "acne.cr2" file in your runtime\clothing\female folder, load Victoria, load the prop, select either Victoria's face or rear end and with the acne highlighted select 'conform to Victoria.'

email comments on this prop to

Grocery List for 4-8-97

Athlete's foot spray (2 cans)
Lima beans
Cayenne Pepper
Pork rinds

I would immediately delete the prop without even trying to use it.

Edit: left out the word 'never' in second paragraph.

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Post Re: So, You're Still Using Poser 4

#18  posfan 27 Sep 2009 21:47

I have the old patches for P4 on a CD, so if someone here needs them...... PM me!

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